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Retirement is a wonderful thing – you can go to the theatre any time during the day – ideally when there are no crowds – just like all the other unemployed folks and kids skipping their afternoon classes ! Yesterday was the first chance we’d had to go and check out the new Star Trek film, and  it was a real treat for two reasons: 

  1. it is a great film, and surpassed my expectations
  2. tickets are cheap for seniors !!

This was the first time I’d bought ‘seniors’ rate tickets anywhere, and as it represented a milestone of sorts in my life,  I’ve pinned the ticket stub up on my bulletin board in my den. It helped that I sort of looked the part – I’m still hobbling from folding my ankle over last week in BC, so between having a bad limp, the grey hair and the fixed, slightly distracted stare that I get when I’m focused on seeing some (hopefully) great sci-fi, none of the staff in the theatre even wanted to think about stopping me and checking just how old I actually was ! 

The film itself was a real treat, and kudos all around to J.J Abrams and actors Pines, Quinto, Nimoy etc.  for bringing the Trek world off of life support and back into relevance. If you spot-check the web, the comments from Trekkie’s range all over the map and frankly for those of them who didn’t enjoy the film, all I can offer in the way of sympathy is  ‘get a life’.  For the rest of the world, I see it continues to do well at the box office and as such should be assured of a follow-up. If that happens, I can guarantee you I’ll be there watching it – together with all the other unemployed people and high school delinquents during the weekday afternoon when its not too crowded !!!

Now if there were only solid plans for a Galaxy Quest sequel ……………..

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