ELZ2Coil Accent Electronic Ignition System

Just an update for folks – you may recall in an earlier post that I mentioned I had bought a couple of these units to try out and I had promised to report back … so:

If you are looking for an easy to install, no fuss electronic ignition to fit your GT750 or your GT380 then this is worth considering. The installation was very easy – about 30 minutes start to finish and the kit includes the three stainless steel cap bolts required to fix it. I like how tidy it is – no control boxes to have to hide somewhere as is the case with the Boyer Bransden, Newtronics or Marcel’s system. The circuit board includes an LED (the small red dot toward the middle of the board in the photos below) for static timing – when it lights, just have the centre ‘C’ timing mark on the three armed indicator aligned with the timing mark. With the engine running it can then be strobed to dial it in – in my own case apparently I was quite lucky as I found that no additional adjustment was actually required when I did strobe it, as the initial static alignment was spot on. The only change I made to the installation instructions was to re-install the grommet on the lead where it passes through the side case (see lower photo). The circuit board and components are coated in epoxy on both sides, so I don’t think moisture should be an issue. Also note that the instructions, while they are in English, are not the best translation from the original German – not hard to figure out, but also not as good as they could be. Also note that this will not fit a GT550 Suzuki, so those you who want an electronic ignition system to fit that model will need to check out one of the other alternatives.

My GT750A fired up first time, and then settled down into a very relaxed idle. On the road it feels great and I have now run about seven tanks of fuel through and no problems at all. The fuel economy (not that it really matters I suppose) actually seems to have improved a bit also. Martin Krause of the Wasserbuffel club in Germany has been using these systems for three years now on his touring and racing Kettles so I don’t really think I’m risking too much.

Below is a photo of the unit as delivered, and below that a photo of the unit as installed. As I think I’ve mentioned previously, there is nothing wrong with points and my personal view is that in no way can I really justify the cost of any electronic ignition system for my bikes (I have nine at the moment – five are Kettles and of these two have electronic systems installed). In my defence, as a former IT department manager, I just like to experiment with new technology !

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5 Responses to ELZ2Coil Accent Electronic Ignition System

  1. Sacha says:

    how do you buy them?, or how can you get them?, thanks !!!

  2. Shae says:

    You can order a gt550 version but you need to tell them the model of your bike because they have different connectors. Their exact words.

    • Ian R. Sandy says:

      Actually, the unit works on both the GT380 and the GT750, and the GT550 version differs as it rotates the opposite way from the first two. Uwe indicated that it affected the triggering – I’m not an expert, so the key thing is to be specific when ordering.

  3. Manx says:

    Hi I have the same unit on a Suzuki GT380. I bought a few years ago. It is not difficult to install. Use caution not to Turn the breaker cam shaft because you will break the breaker cam gear which is behind the clutch cover. The gear is made of nylon. If you need to turn engine remove generator cover and do it from that side. The electronic ignition works very well. Clever design

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