Suzuki T and GT Resources Site – Update

For those folks out there who have an interest in old Suzuki’s, I made a few updates to the OJB web site this week. I try to do this about every six months and limit myself to just tuning and tweaks in between. In theory that should lessen the addition of errors, but I’ve found that isn’t always the case ! πŸ™‚

So in no particular order:

  • I spent few hours at the local library and copied the North American GT750 1977B microfiche into digital format. As a result, I am now cross-eyed and really needing a new set of glasses, but I am hoping some will find it useful. Unlike elsewhere on the globe, North American parts listings after 1974 were not available in a printed format – only on microfiche. While this made them easy to carry, they are very hard to read without the specialised readers, and there are parts differences between the North American models and elsewhere. The link is here.
  • I’ve also added the 1972 GT750 J owners manual here and the plan is to have all the GT750 owner’s manuals on-line for easy reference eventually. The link is here.
  • There is the GT250 A service manual supplement here.
  • And a copy of the T10 parts manual for North America here. It quite an interesting bike as it had a hydraulic rear drum brake which was quite unusual.
  • There is also the S32-2 service manual supplement here.

In the next several weeks, there will be updates to the Suzuki Dating section (which has nothing to do with what some may be thinking), the T/GT500 section is being completely reworked, plus I have also made quite a number of changes to my ‘Field Guide to the Suzuki GT750‘ – too many to list (plus still more to be added πŸ˜• ), but check out the J, L and B sections, as well as the section on Movies, the Small Screen etc.

No doubt I have managed to also introduce a few errors – but presumably at least a few of the many visitors passing through each day will spot them and let me know !

Enjoy !

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