Airbox Gasket

A fellow I know in the UK by the name of Ian Beardsley (an excellent first name by the way 🙂 ) has been making reproduction bits and pieces for the Suzuki GT750 for some time now. I bought a few stainless steel brake tabs for my next rebuild for example, and I was very pleased with them. You can take a look at his web site at this link.

Ian recently started selling an exact copy of the neoprene gasket used in the GT750 airbox, which was never available from Suzuki under its own part number. These are normally in pretty rough shape after all these years, and of course if you are painting or powder coating the airbox, then the old one won’t be there at all ! In the past I have used weather stripping as it is readily available here in Canada (we have long winters), but having something that actually fits as it is supposed to, is definitely a good thing I think.  I’ve attached a photo to the right – just ‘click’ to see a larger image. The seal is water jetted from neoprene, and so has a very nice edge and it is self sticking (adhesive backed).

The quality is excellent and the price for this sort of thing is reasonable – recommended !

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