OJB on Facebook

I’m not completely certain this will be a good idea, but I have gone ahead and set up an OJB page on Facebook. You can take a look at it via this link. It is ‘public’ so you don’t actually need a FB account to see the contents, although you will get nagged to login or create an account if you don’t happen to be one of the 1.17 billion active monthly users (as of the second quarter of 2016) already using FB.

The original idea was to link this blog to it so I could cross post automatically – but that doesn’t seem to work, or at least I haven’t been able to get it working …………….. yet. 🙂

Here is a screen shot of what it looks like – I plan to leave it up for a month or two and if it proves to be a bother then I can always delete it !


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