GT380 Injection Things

Spent a bit of time sorting out the oil injection system on the GT380 project today. I’ve written previously about using the Kawasaki oil injection valves to repair the Suzuki oil distribution loom so I won’t go over that again here. If you are curious, then just go to my web site and do a search for ‘oil injection’. The Kawasaki part number is 16128-009 and I normally buy them from the USA as the prices I’ve been quoted here in Canada make me wince. And I tend to not replace all the valves, but prefer to just do the ones that are actually leaking. I blame my thriftiness on my Scottish ancestry, and while it sometimes comes back to bite me, generally I have good luck ! 😉

The other issue area was the oil pump itself. I have pump data on my web site written by a friend of mine, who also has it on his own site (just do a search for the web site). Two pumps came with the project bike, but only one was complete. When dealing with something as critical to the operation of the engine as the oil pump, unless you know for certain it works, it is a good idea to give them a close look. I popped the top off the pump, and pulled the rotor, and at first I thought the pump might be scrap as there was some corrosion evident. Luckily it cleaned up and all the passageways were clear in the casting. After cleaning and reassembly with a new top gasket and new lower oil seal, I ran the pump on my test rig for an hour and it checked out fine, so I think I’m good to go.👍

The pumps used on the Suzuki triples all look much the same, but the pump arms differ, with the GT750 being stamped as any of a 310, 312 or 318, the GT550 stamped with 340, 341 or 348 and the GT380 stamped with 330 or 331. The pump bodies generally seem to be the same and only the pump arms and shafts seem to differ: different lifts will give different pumping rates. Early style pumps differ from later ones due to changes with the carburettors and had a third piston to pull oil from the oil tank. Later pumps rely on gravity oil feed to the pump. Obviously you don’t want a GT380 pump on a GT750, but the other way around would probably work fine and just be a bit smokier than usual. 🤣

The project continues ! 😎

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